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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Photographs Prince William's Kate Middleton Fiancé

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Catherine Elizabeth "Kate" Middleton (born January 9, 1982) is engaged to Prince William of Wales. Since their relationship began, Middleton has received widespread media attention and there is constant speculation that they eventually will marry. On November 16, 2010, the office of Prince of Wales, at Clarence House, announced that Kate Middleton and Prince William intend to get married in 2011.

Who is Kate Middleton That?

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Middleton grew up in Berkshire and after attending Marlborough College, went to the University of St Andrews. She met Prince William, also studying there, in 2001. They soon began a relationship, media attention soon followed, and in 2005 her lawyer complained about harassment.

In April 2007, the press reported that William and Middleton had split. They continue to be friends, and then in 2007 they reunited. Since then, Middleton has attended many royal high-profile event. He has been admired for its sense of fashion and has been placed on various "best-dressed" list.

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Kate Middleton degree graduate of the University of St. Andrews in 2001 was lucky because next year will be the wife of Prince William, heir to the throne of England. At least it has been marked with a fiance.

Following tradition in the kingdom of England or Wales, William the eldest son of Prince Charles with alm. Princess Diana once was a grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, who will continue the throne.

William, born June 21, 1982 love adventure and travel like living in Africa and elsewhere since graduate school. He held the rank of lieutenant in the Blues and Royals regiment in the Household Cavalary and in 2008 trained as a pilot Search and Rescue Force.

She is known by Prince William in 2001 when the same as studying at the University of St Andrews. It was the same as taking art history courses at the University of St Andrews in Fife, Scotland. He completed college for 4 years with a brilliant achievement.

Prince William stunned when he is down in college in the first year and then she came to persuade and encouraged her to stay and hold lectures. Finally, Prince William also passed well.

Kate's full name Catherine Elizabeth Middleton (28) claimed to be uncomfortable media spotlight since becoming engaged to Prince William. Kate was born from a family medium, not a blue blood, from the couple Michael and Carole Middleton of Bucklebury, Berkshire.

Her parents are an entrepreneur in the field of children's toys that use marketing via catalogs and the Internet. Warehouse is located not far from the family home.

This beautiful woman is the first child of 3 brothers, graduated from high school at Marlborough College. In known by friends as a wise woman, creative, likes sports and full of talent.

Besides being female doubles tennis player, he also became captain of the hockey team at his school and even college A value of all subjects. Incredible!

Kate diknya named Pippa (25) is also a creative organizer who became the EO or entertainment party had received his "200 most creative woman cool " in 2008. Similarly, James (21) younger brother successful cake business.