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Friday, May 6, 2011

Anti Disasters fine hotels rooms of Noah's Ark blackouts

Anti Disasters hotels rooms of Noah's Ark blackoutsHotel Anti Disasters, Noah's Ark blackouts. The threat of global warming, when sea surface height is estimated to rise to the extreme and drown some of the planet Earth, an inspiration Russian architectural firm, Remistudio.
In disaster management architecture program International Union of Architects, Remistudio designing a hotel that could serve as a rescue ship in case catastrophic happens. His name, Ark Hotel. Could be erected in the sea or land.
Anti Disasters hotels roomsIt may sound like a blend of the story of Noah's ark and the story of science fiction films in the 1970s. However, this scallop-shaped hotel is designed to withstand the extreme flooding caused by rising sea levels. Also on the wave. Ark Hotel may float and arise automatically on the surface of the water.
Not only that, the hotel also withstand earthquakes, and could be erected in a seismically hazardous areas. The architect claims, which consists of the construction design of the bow and the cable with a cushion to distribute weight evenly during the earthquake.
In addition, shell-shaped structure below ground, with no edges or corners. This floating hotel giant also claimed as 'biosphere', heaven is comfortable for its residents, even during a disaster.
This futuristic hotel designs using solar panels and rainwater collection installation, ensure the availability of energy, as well as water to its residents. Greenhouse-like environment also allows plants to flourish, helping to improve air quality and also provide food.
In addition, a transparent structure makes saving energy during the day. Simply utilizing solar energy. To ensure the quality of light, glass frame equipped with automatic cleaning.
According to Alexander Remizov from Remistudio, there are two main considerations in this design.
"First, improve security and prevention of extreme environmental conditions and climate change. The second is to protect the natural environment from human activities," said he, like loaded the Daily Mail, 10 January 2011.
Ark is also intended to answer the challenges of today's global environment. Also to support the defense system life.
All plants chosen accordingly, the efficiency of lighting, and production of oxygen. It also aims to create an attractive and comfortable space," he said.
Remizov added, a transparent roof of the hotel ensure there is enough light for plants and to illuminate the interior.
Designer claims, Ark Hotel can be established only in a few months in all parts of the world. "Part of the parts can be incorporated within three to four months," said Remizov.
Until now the hotel is still a draft, its architects are looking for investors to make it real. In addition to a comfortable hotel to break, Ark Hotel can be transformed into refugee camps in the future. that fine world art of hotels
source : http://belajar-menembak.blogspot.com/2011/01/hotel-anti-bencana-tiru-bahtera-nabi.html
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