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Sunday, February 13, 2011

2011 Grammy Awards: Worst Dressed Divas

I swear I like creativity but I just can't get with Nicki Minaj in this head to toe Givenchy leopard ensemble. It's just way too much leopard and entirely tooo much going on!

Her leopard "Bride of Frankenstein" hair is ridiculous even for the grammys.

I do however love her pink lips!

It pains me to do this since I love Amber Riley so much but I hate this dress on her. Again, it's way too much going on with the print and what is going on with the bodice? Is it a bolero or a necklace?

I also dislike her hair. It's just too much weave! If you are going to wear a busy dress as such, please keep your hair sleek.

Oh Jordan Sparks, I know you are about eighteen but honey this is not the prom! This red satin Zang Toi ensemble is sooo dated.

Jordin is young and too fabulous for this!

I usually love Florence Welch ensembles but she totally miss the mark on this one. Her Givenchy swam theme dress is beyond atrocious.

This dress is strictly for fashion editorial in a magazine. She just needs to fly away!

I am not trying to be disrespectful but I am not sure if singer Gramma Funk is a man or woman.

I do however know she looks a hot mess! She obviously doesn't have any friends.