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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Scandal of Midwife Rebecca Lewis who 'ran off with a married man five months after she delivered his baby'

A midwife who helped deliver a couple’s first baby had an affair with the father a few months later.
Rebecca Lewis, 34, began the affair with Ian Malin after the three became Facebook friends following the birth of his son Jacob.
And when the child was five months old, Mr Malin walked out on his wife, Sarah, 33, on Mother’s Day – after she confronted him over a suspicious text message on his phone.
Miss Lewis, a mother of three, is understood to have been given a dressing down by hospital managers after Mrs Malin made an official complaint.
She could now face an investigation by the nursing watchdog.
Yesterday Mrs Malin, a youth support worker from Pontardawe, South Wales, confirmed the split.
A friend said it was only a few weeks ago that Mrs Malin learned of the full extent of her husband’s betrayal, when she realised texts on her husband’s phone came from the same number she had stored for Miss Lewis in her phone.
She told the friend: ‘How could anyone help deliver another woman’s baby, then go off with her husband? Of all the women Ian could have fallen for, this has to be the sickest choice. It’s horrific – like something out of the movie Fatal Attraction.’

Miss Lewis is understood to have broken up with her long-term boyfriend around the time that Mr Malin left his wife.
The ex-partner, who works in IT, is thought to be father to at least two of the midwife’s children.
The Malins married in 2009 and met Miss Lewis last October when Mrs Malin went into labour and was admitted to Singleton Hospital, Swansea.
Within 48 hours of them leaving hospital with Jacob, Miss Lewis is said to have tracked the couple down on Facebook, sending each a request to be her friend on the social networking site.

Mrs Malin told her friend she considered the request a ‘nice gesture’ and was not suspicious.
But her husband, a nurse at another hospital, soon began staying out overnight with ‘friends’.
On Mother’s Day, Mrs Malin found a text message on her husband’s phone from ‘Orange Text Support’ which said: ‘Hi Party Boy, when can I phone you?’
She confronted Mr Malin, who plays guitar in a local wedding and covers band.
He denied he was having an affair, but agreed to move out when he was unable to explain the message.
Mrs Malin then spent the next few weeks trying to work out who the message could have come from, until she realised the number was her midwife’s. Mrs Malin’s friend said the new mother confronted her husband again, and he admitted having sex with Miss Lewis in a car after one of his shows with his band, Silver.
Mrs Malin has now filed for divorce. She told the friend: ‘All my hopes have been taken from me by a woman who was in a trusted position.’
Miss Lewis has denied sleeping with Mr Malin in his car, but refused to comment when contacted at her converted barn on the Gower  Peninsula, near Swansea.
Moments earlier, Mr Malin was seen hurrying inside.
A spokesman for Singleton Hospital refused to comment, other than to say that the board would  be investigating.
source : (dailymail.co.uk)